Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things That Annoy the Crap Out of Me

  1. I absolutely get soooooooooooo annoyed over people who try to make last minute plans with me and expect me to follow through cause I'm not A Last Minute Person!!!! Ideally, I would like a heads up. sometimes I don't mind, but I just can't jump and go. Gggrrrrrrrr 
  2. People who dont make plans in advance but ring you ask for hand! troll!!!
  3. People who don't use their turn signals (indicator lights, directions, etc) while driving.
  4. People who won't move over to an empty lane when there are cars trying to merge.
  5. People who flash me in the slow lane -- I'm above the freaking speed limit (true, not by much) and there is a whole another lane (usually empty) next to me -- go the HELL la you
  6. People who don't put their hand up to say thanks when I let them out in the traffic.
  7. When people say how great the country they came from is and they say how worse Malaysia is,I' m sitting them and i'll say, Shut the fuck up! If you like others country so much you can immigrate to it.
  8. People who don't vote and then complain about the results.  
  11. Made up car names that are not even real words.
  12. Sick people who cough near you. 
  13. When you find a really cute piece of clothing on the rack and they have like twenty in size XS, two in size 3X, and not a single one in your size.  
  14. Bosses who think your job is your life.
  15. People who honk in front of a house instead of getting out of the car and giving a salam
  16. Pee anywhere other than in a toilet.
  17. Sneezing in your hand and shaking someone's hand afterward. 
  18. When a utility sends you a letter about a rate increase that opens with: "In order to serve you better." ASTRO la apa lagi

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