Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enfagrow A+ versus Pediasure

Attention to all mommies, I need some help here.

Aliyah is an Enfa baby since a few months after she was born, due to my poor milk supply. I was so crushed to learn that I had to supplement her with formula that I made a vow to myself to provide her with the best possible alternatives just so she can thrive as steadily and healthily like other breastfed babies. That explains why I do not mind going through all the extra troubles to get her all the good ingredients to put in her homemade porridge, as well as the variety of fruits to be pureed for her daily meal -- to make up for the frustration of not being able to exclusively breastfeed my baby.

Problem comes when Aliyah was advised to take PediaSure by the paed as she refused to eat( she is a picky eater).I was told by my friend, pediasure has a much higher calories content, which to me translates to too much sugar.

Any mommies has advice on this? Please advise if we should switch Pediasure or remain Enfagrow A+.

Friday, September 17, 2010

To whom may it concern

I seemed to be overloaded with work these days and my head is spinning at night when I get home. Please I need one more assistant.. uhuk uhuk uhuk

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random pictures of Aliyah Part Two


Terbaik lah... Aliyah, jalan belum boleh lagi... Baru dua tiga steps, dah pandai panjat! Haiyoooo... Time2 macam ni lah mula terasa pening kepala.. Itu belum dia panjat tangga lagi... lagi la haru!!! haish... Ni dia baru baik demam... demam upah tok mak dia cakap... Tumbuh dua batang gigi sekaligus...

Below ada a few new picture Aliyah... Enjoice...


Hello can I speak to my daddy


Ni upah, baru baik demam ni... suka je dapat main kete control

Future Formula One car racer

Playing time making a genius time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

How was your Raya?

Ours was crazy as usual, filled to the brim with endless good food (oh GOD, ibu's been a complete glutton...), good company (our ears are still ringing from so much loud chatting and laughter) and unending activities...

Our team!

My beloved family (Love you guys)

My big family (ni pun blum cukup korum lagi ni)

Beloved parent( I love this picture!)

The sengals hahahahaha


Me and my huggable hubby :P

Daughters and Son of Haji Khalid & Hajah Salmah

Hope yours is going well too...

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone...and Maaf Zahir Batin for all my known and unknown wrongdoings...

Monday, September 6, 2010

TV3 Raya Advertisement 2010 - Sinari Lebaran

It has been a sudden protests in the internet based media on TV3′s Aidilfitri advertisement for this year. Be it facebook or blogs, certainly TV3 have failed in the first place by approving the idea of the advert. Why? Just take a look at this:

For a simple minded person, this advert might look nothing wrong. Perhaps that’s why the advert may got approved by TV3 for airing the advert.
However, “little-late-understanding” viewers may come to understand why some protest when 25th December arrives. A similarity of the Raya advert and Christmas fantasy of Santa Claus. Instead an old guy wearing red suit and riding sledge with lots of rain deer, the advert shows an old man wearing white “kopiah” and riding a tricycle, travelling in the air.(I'm so mad when 1st time I saw this part!)

And you know what, TV3 has pulled back this advertisement! By far, this is the most ridiculous Raya Ad I’ve ever encounter. I think TV3 can do better than this. I’m still wondering, how come. Just, how come.

Read the entire article here Thank you awak! Good Observation

Friday, September 3, 2010

Raya Mode

We are almost end of Ramadan(sob sob sob)...and like everybody, my raya mode is on the it at work, mind is in keeping with raya preparation...
so how's your raya preparation?

here, my checklist for this year Raya:

1st day raya attire : Kurung Pahang for me and Aliyah, tudung(last Sunday bru pegi Ariani dgn adik… gile letih… aku ada citer pesal facilities LRT nih, later aku bukak satu entry khas utk citer ni.. tunggu ye), Baju melayu(tempah dekat Asri, he is one one of tailor for Radzuan Radziwill ), songkok, sampin for hubby - checked

Baju raya for my Aliyah : more than enough....non-stop shopping for her since a month before Ramadhan

Raya shoes for me and hubby : for me, aku dah beli kasut Sembonia masa aku gi Metrojaya a week before fasting(got 30% discount for new arrival shoes coz I’m using staff purchase from my friend yeay), and as for hubby he doesn't want a new one! budget bagi kat i...okey hehe..

Raya shoes for Aliyah : checked

Bag Raya : checked(bought during FJ Benjamin sale – berbaloi2) ...hehehe akan dirasmikan di hari raya pertama...ambik sunat

Kuih Raya, Kek Raya & kerepek raya : checked,..hehehe but more will come...

Duit Raya???? - checked...will prepare..

what else??? Hmm…