Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Note to Dearest Partner

To my dearest husband on your thirty fifth birthday,


ermmmm ermmmmm TODAY

YOU'RE OLD!!!!! Eheee eheee

Sayang happy 35th birthday! I hope that you have had a wonderful day. Thank you for your warm companionship. Thank you for gorgeous & clever daughter  who make my heart content every day; thank you for your devoted fathering of her. I hope that we can make you feel special, and cherished, and celebrated, today and every day. I am blessed to have you in my life, and I hope that we'll be doing this again in another sixty years. (When, of course, you will be even OLDER! :P )

*takes comfort in the fact that no matter what, I will always be younger than you*


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gambar sakit jantung - ye ye aku tau aku tertinggal

Gila ko... tersentap jantung mak tengok gambo-gambo ni. 

Malamku igau
Gilakan kau
Siangku sasau
Aha... gilakan kau
Aha... gilakan kau... beb 

and you know what According to MackenzieFoy.com Robert Pattinson will be filming the scene where Edward actually sings Renesmee’s lullaby to his daughter Renesmee (aka Mackenzie Foy). Confirm this scene will more than likely be one of the best parts of Breaking Dawn part 2!  
....... Argghhhhh I am counting this day till Breaking Dawn the movie comes out

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings Part 2

Huh mak aaaaiiii lain bebenor ghupe  si Taylor Swift ni. Aku pun kalau dah bermake up cam ghini cantik agaknya kan.

Water For Elephants - Nak Tengok Nak Tengok

Melting…As if I needed something to make Rob more loveable!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday It's Friday

I love Friday. I love getting paid, I love knowing I have the next two mornings to sleep in if I want. (Which I hardly ever do.) I love having extra time to be around Aliyah and en suami, and I love having family around. I love getting the house clean and having all the laundry done. I love not coming to work for two days, and love it that I don't have to think about work at all. I know some people never get away from their jobs, even in their sleep - how awful for them.

Ahhhhh... I just love Friday


I don't know if being grateful is easy when you have a lot. I would like to be able to find out some time. But I do know about being grateful when you don't have a lot. And, for me, it's pretty easy.

What I am grateful for:
  1. That for whatever luck of the draw, I was born Malaysian
  2. That I had a fantastic husband, father, and a mother who I know loves me.
  3. That I had a wonderful childhood. At least until my early teens.
  4. That I had sisters & brother
  5. That I was able to get an education.
  6. That for the most part, I have always been healthy. No cancer, mental illness or anything really awful.
  7. That I have learned how (and why) to forgive.
  8. That I didn't die before I got old.
  9. That my bills are (just) paid on time.
  10. That my daughter is healthy, happy, smart and a really sweet girl.
  11. That I get along with her dad.
  12. That he helps to support her.
  13. That I have a job.
  14. That I have a car (wreck though it might be).
  15. That I have food to eat and also to feed not only my girl, but the other strays who come along.
  16. That there is such a wonderful selection when it comes to food( I just love Tony Romas yummy!)
  17. That trees have leaves.
  18. That rain cleans everything.
  19. That grass smells wonderful when it's just been cut.
  20. That I wake up every morning to see one.
  21. That I have at least a few good friends - even if they are far, far away.
  22. That although I may some times be clueless, I am never helpless.
  23. That I know that I can fix whatever I need to fix
  24. That I am not afraid of hard work, but smart enough to avoid it sometimes.
  25. That I go to sleep every night in a warm, comfortable bed
  26. For every breath I take, AND
  27. Chances for being a TWIHARD!!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mood saya sangat baik!

Hei, ni aku nak gebang hari ni mood aku sangat baik. Bangun pepagi tadi laju aje takde malas-malas macam selalu(hihihihi). Aku tak tau mana datang energy tu dan aku tak tau mana datang mood yang baik tu. So pepagi bangun bersiap laju-laju, kejutkan Aliyah sebab hari ni Aliyah ada appointment kat klinik.

Si kecik tu pun mood baik aje hari ni bangun sengih je, dia tak tau hari ni dia nak kena inject. Sampai klinik pukul 7.30 pagi. Lepas semua procedure timbang, ukur & consultant baru la kena inject. Aku tak berapa risau sangat bab ni sebab sepanjang Aliyah kena inject dia tak pernah menangis teruk-teruk, takat nangis uwek uwek uwek untuk beberapa saat pastu dia dah boleh ketawa. Demam kena inject pun sekali aje la tapi tu mild fever je. Tapi jangan kalau nak tumbuh gigi memang la dia kalah. Ada satu kali tu sampai 39 degrees demam si kecik tu apa lagi time tu aku mak bapak dia pun berdesup lari balik rumah lepas dapat call dari tok maknya.

Mood baik ni datang mungkin sebab lagi beberapa hari je En Suami nak balik(yahoooooooooooo!!!!). Keje kat office yang berlambak-lambak tu pun berjaya disiapkan mengikut dateline yangdiorang nak. So kepala pun ada ringan sikit la. Cikgu adik kat Bentong pun macam dah ok je walaupun tiap kali abah call dia melalak(hahahah pandai ko kutuk wawa aritu kan)

Ok ok aku nak sambung keje... kalau nenek tau aku berblogging time keje masak aku!

Sambung lagi nanti... tata

Monday, February 7, 2011

Di saat ini

Di saat jam 12.05PM, Cikgu adik sedang berdebar-debar menunggu keputusan penempatan untuk mengajar di daerah Pahang. Sungguh sengal pengurusan Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pahang(maaf bukan maksud untuk mengutuk tapi memang sistem pengurusan anda sangat teruk). Sistem anda telah menyebab berpuluh-puluh jiwa raga berteka-teki dek menunggu keputusan anda. Sedangkan di negeri-negeri lain bakal-bakal cikgu-cikgi ini telah pun mengetahui keputusan penempatan sekolah mereka.

Aku baru je hantar SMS dekat adik bertanyakan tentang keputusan penempatannya, tapi jawapan adik ' tunggu pukul 12.30'. Prosedur lagi! Nasib badan

Aku di office tak boleh tumpukan perhatian dekat keje yang berlambak-lambak ni memikirkan Aliyah yang dijaga Ibu Long. Tak tak bukan Ibu Long tu berperangai mak tiri tapi Kak Ngah ditimpa musibah. TANGAN KAK NGAH PATAH! Kesian. Ibu Long nak kena tengok-tengokkan Kak Ngah dengan Aliyah serentak. Kejamnya ko ni Nini. Apa la salahnya ambik cuti ko tu. Bukan tak nak ambik ok, cuti aku setahun ada 18 hari. Aku kena simpan cuti aku sebab tokmak dgn tok bak Aliyah nak pergi mengerjakan umrah(2 minggu ok), pastu kan ke nanti bulan 3 kitorang nak gi cuti-cuti, belum lagi kalau Aliyah demam ke( eh aku tak doa tapi just prepared), hantar Aliyah check up, Tok Mak Aliyah check up(kena ingat ye me and my husband pjj so anything happen I'm the one who will be reponsible), balik kampung, orang kawin la, raya(abis raya tak nak cuti ke) and etc. Dengan cuti yang ada tu je la aku kena pandai-pandai manage my cuti. Kepada pihak berkenaan tolong paham ye. Jangan cakap kalau anda tak tau situasi saya ye.

Di saat ini, aku berharap supaya aku boleh balik jaga anak aku!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miscellaneous Rambling

Motip?hahahahahaha aku pun tak tau

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My tiny Aliyah is 18 months

I don’t know when the exact moment came when I realized that Aliyah was growing up. Probably the first time was when I got rid of the diapers for good or the first time she wanted to walk without holding my hand. The matter was, Aliyah is growing up! A couple months ago, she started taking her first steps and I started crying. I couldn't believe it - it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. And now, she's walking on her own...going to the door to look outside and walking to get her own toys and snacks. I'm not ready for this! She's just a baby!

The sobering thought of no longer being needed or wanted crept into my stomach and mixed with pride to form something that no word has been created to describe. Luckily that same night my baby crawled into my bed wanting to be held in the kind of way only a mother can.

She's my little baby girl that, just 18 months ago, was laying in my arms completely helpless and drinking her bottle! She's becoming so independent and it's just such a horrible mix of emotions! It's amazing watching her learn something new everyday and grow and explore but at the same time I fear I will loose my little girl!! What if she gets to the point where she doesn't need her ibu anymore? I can't deal with that, she is my life and I can't imagine the day when I can't put her to bed anymore or carry her around on my hip.

I hear parents all the time saying how they need a break or are happy to be without their kid(s) for a little while. I understand how nice it is to get a break every now and then because you have to have 'me' time once in a while but here is a little advice for the ones who have or are about to have new babies(hik hik hik dreaming): Cherish every moment...time flies! You will miss all those sleepless nights. Keep tissues on hand...you will cry a lot - from sadness and from joy. Don't sweat the messes - if it makes the baby happy, it's worth it! Learn to be silly - a baby's laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world! Enjoy your 'me' time - but don't ever wish it wouldn't end. Live like there is no tomorrow and teach your child the same. Tell and show your baby you love her all the time! They won't be babies forever.

…. my tiny Aliyah is (most definitely and quickly) growing up.

Ikea Meatballs

Sayang, sayang tingin nak makan ni....