Thursday, July 26, 2012

26th July 2011

26th July 2011

So many things have changed ever since the day.

The day when I lost my Abah. The day when my all siblings too slam hard to our lowest point in our lives. The day when we realize we have no pillar of strength and comfort, a shoulder we always cried on, a hug we found comfort in, a company you feel most at ease....

It pass us again this year, today, Thursday.... The hurt is the same feels like an open wound

To say we are all ok, maybe too proud to utter but we do want to be ok. We want to go ahead. We want to have things to look forward into.
And yet, missing and losing someone very dear to you kind of a turning point.

A turning point to be more wiser,  Insya Allah.

Abah, every single breathe and every single blood are always in our prayers and our life.
I see you everywhere and I believe all your children feel the same too.

May you rest in peace by the side of Allah SWT


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