Friday, June 14, 2013

Thirteen Years of Friendship

Dear My Huggable Husband,

It’s been 5  years together as a husband and wife, but you has been my bestest friend for past 13 years. . I repeat THIRTEEN YEARS! Thanks sayang for being there, and being you.. (walaupun ada masanya terlintas “apsal la aku jumpa mamat nih” at times when we disagree on something)..

Today when I accidentally playback a full pack of mp3 love rock songs in my office, of course i remember you. The folder  is packed with old rock love songs, those songs that were played during our friends-turn-to-more-than-friend-stage. Kalau la ada lagi archieve chat masa irc dulu, people can called me sewel dek tersengih-sengih ingatkan kisah-kisah lama.

I am so lucky to have you by my side. even though when there was a time that I  thought we should never knew each other, I knew I  was wrong about that and I  knew everything happened for a reason. I know how does it feels like when I had a big hole in my heart.

and I also know how to appreciate you in my life. Thank you sayang for being my sayang and being the Ayah  to our Aliyah.  Aliyah love to play & bully with you.  Yes, you are so right about “isteri aku yg suka pot pet pot pet”..

I really hope we could meet again in Jannah.  I don’t  want anyone else.  I just want you.

Sayang, sayang muaaacckks.

Comel la tew kununnya

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