Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Father's Day is three days away. Today I spent a lot of time reading about fathers’ day. My mind raced far back into time to find our home again.

It was not easy raising us all; that I readily acknowledge today and perpetually admits. But Abah, you did such an incredible job beyond the expectations of many. You created a solid platform for us to rise and spring forth to find and become our best in the world today.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is what every son and daughter wants to say to their father today. Honoring a Father on Father’s Day is about more than a father who brings home a paycheck, shares a dinner table, and attends school functions, graduations, and weddings. It isn’t even so much about cooking and teaching us mathematics formulas, and the finer art of mental focus. It’s more about unconditionally loving your children who were sometimes snotty and stubborn, who acted like they knew everything and won’t listen to anyone. It’s about respect, and sharing, and acceptance, and tolerance, and giving, and taking. It’s about loving someone more than words can say and it’s about showing us our best and then telling us to just keep being our best in the world.

And to father to my daughter, Lokman Ismail! We love you from the bottom of our hearts! You such as an amazing daddy!


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