Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Twilight Saga Vs The Vampire Diaries

Twilight’s popularity (and therefore revenue) has influenced Hollywood to really go all out when it comes to ‘vampire trends.’ From True Blood to The Vampire's Assistant to The Vampire Diaries, there are certainly many choices out there when deciding which series to ‘sink your teeth into.’

There are even fanatics who claim 'Team Edward' that refuse to interact with those within the 'Team Jacob' camp. Clearly, there are an insane number of Twilighters out there. But is Twilight really the best when it comes to “Vampires in Media”?

Admittedly, one of the reasons I like Twilight so much is because of the love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward. Twilight is definitely targeted at a younger teenager audience. One example of this would be how Jacob is seen with his shirt off showing off his 17-year-old abdominal for half the movie :P

The thing is that the Twilight Saga was inspired in the books of The Vampire Diaries, sorry guys... it's a fact. The Vampire Diaries' first book was written way before Twilight's. But to me The Twilight Saga is obviously better. I can see someone said that Twilight is based on TVD. It may have come out before but did u know Stephenie Meyer inspired Twilight on a dream? She dreamed about the meadow scene when Bella and Edward are lying on the grass with the sun making Edward's skin shine, and there is where the whole book came from. I really like the Twilight Saga. I agree on the thought that one vampire-human love story is enough and that one is Twilight. Anyway I respect other people's opinions and of course me The Twilight Saga all the way!!!!

P/S: I have to admit I also like The Vampire Diaries *winks*

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