Monday, May 10, 2010

Eheee.. she is totally like me

Aching body, heavy head and eyes, headache and above all feeling lethargic- that's how I am feeling right now. It's really horrible, and I know I must have got the flu and fever from Acik Longak!!!! I hate it, I really do! Not only do I feel so weak to my utter core,I have to be careful around my Aliyah too. I hate it when she is down with flu because it's difficult to take care of sick children! Last few days, when I noticed Aliyah was sneezing, I tried to give her the medicine. Being the naughty, guess what she did?


Wahhh pandai sungguh anak ibu ni!
I gave up after some time, and I had to be the bad cop- so I called my assistant (my mother). Together, we managed to put the medicine in her mouth, but of course with a lot of effort and struggle.Anyway, till now, she is fine- no symptoms of getting the fever or flu yet, but of course the gems spread fast so, I need to be careful around her.

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