Monday, May 10, 2010

Lovely Long eyelashes

I have extremely short thin eyelashes so mascara is a MUST for me. I've tried lots of different kinds in the past, and I was on a search for the mascara that gives the longest and most beautiful eyelashes. I've tried Lancome's Flex WP, Loreal's Double Extension both do lengthen but not as they claim and it was really hard to remove even when using eye makeup remover. Also, very "sayang" when I see my lashes fall off during the cleaning process.

And today, during lunch hour I was suckered into buying "Angel Eyes" from Korea which promises extra long and dark eye lashes. I got it because of the name, I should expect something like "Angel Eyes" to give me eyes like angels. Anyway the "Angel Eyes" set consists of a white fibres and is priced at about RM79. To achieve the angel eye look, first apply a coat of mascara, then apply the white fibres to lengthen the lash, then reapply the mascara. To achieve desired length, I had to apply the white fibres 4-5 times. To have darker lashes, apply the black fibres and reapply another coat of mascara to enable the fibres to stay onto the lashes. Indeed lengthen and darken the lashes.... weeee.... Later i will upload photo of product ya...

Eh what's your favorite mascara?

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