Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enfagrow A+ versus Pediasure

Attention to all mommies, I need some help here.

Aliyah is an Enfa baby since a few months after she was born, due to my poor milk supply. I was so crushed to learn that I had to supplement her with formula that I made a vow to myself to provide her with the best possible alternatives just so she can thrive as steadily and healthily like other breastfed babies. That explains why I do not mind going through all the extra troubles to get her all the good ingredients to put in her homemade porridge, as well as the variety of fruits to be pureed for her daily meal -- to make up for the frustration of not being able to exclusively breastfeed my baby.

Problem comes when Aliyah was advised to take PediaSure by the paed as she refused to eat( she is a picky eater).I was told by my friend, pediasure has a much higher calories content, which to me translates to too much sugar.

Any mommies has advice on this? Please advise if we should switch Pediasure or remain Enfagrow A+.


* ainul AB * said...

I'm also thinking of this. Enfagrow vs Pediasure. Which 1 is better actually?

Nini Best said...

Hi Ainul, welcome

I still didn't get the answer which one is better. So I've decided to stick to enfa infact pediasure is so expensive.

Molu789 said...

Hai Nini,

I've had the same issue before. My daughter would often refuse to eat and she is very picky about it. I consulted the doctor and he suggested Pediasure. I do agree that their sugar content are quite high compare to other products out there. As per their site, they tested several version of Pediasure with children and the testing showed that children preferred sweeter taste. Hence, I believe that the amount of sugar in Pediasure is safe to consume. Also, my daughter's appetite has actually increased and she is so much better now.

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