Monday, September 6, 2010

TV3 Raya Advertisement 2010 - Sinari Lebaran

It has been a sudden protests in the internet based media on TV3′s Aidilfitri advertisement for this year. Be it facebook or blogs, certainly TV3 have failed in the first place by approving the idea of the advert. Why? Just take a look at this:

For a simple minded person, this advert might look nothing wrong. Perhaps that’s why the advert may got approved by TV3 for airing the advert.
However, “little-late-understanding” viewers may come to understand why some protest when 25th December arrives. A similarity of the Raya advert and Christmas fantasy of Santa Claus. Instead an old guy wearing red suit and riding sledge with lots of rain deer, the advert shows an old man wearing white “kopiah” and riding a tricycle, travelling in the air.(I'm so mad when 1st time I saw this part!)

And you know what, TV3 has pulled back this advertisement! By far, this is the most ridiculous Raya Ad I’ve ever encounter. I think TV3 can do better than this. I’m still wondering, how come. Just, how come.

Read the entire article here Thank you awak! Good Observation

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