Friday, September 3, 2010

Raya Mode

We are almost end of Ramadan(sob sob sob)...and like everybody, my raya mode is on the it at work, mind is in keeping with raya preparation...
so how's your raya preparation?

here, my checklist for this year Raya:

1st day raya attire : Kurung Pahang for me and Aliyah, tudung(last Sunday bru pegi Ariani dgn adik… gile letih… aku ada citer pesal facilities LRT nih, later aku bukak satu entry khas utk citer ni.. tunggu ye), Baju melayu(tempah dekat Asri, he is one one of tailor for Radzuan Radziwill ), songkok, sampin for hubby - checked

Baju raya for my Aliyah : more than enough....non-stop shopping for her since a month before Ramadhan

Raya shoes for me and hubby : for me, aku dah beli kasut Sembonia masa aku gi Metrojaya a week before fasting(got 30% discount for new arrival shoes coz I’m using staff purchase from my friend yeay), and as for hubby he doesn't want a new one! budget bagi kat i...okey hehe..

Raya shoes for Aliyah : checked

Bag Raya : checked(bought during FJ Benjamin sale – berbaloi2) ...hehehe akan dirasmikan di hari raya pertama...ambik sunat

Kuih Raya, Kek Raya & kerepek raya : checked,..hehehe but more will come...

Duit Raya???? - checked...will prepare..

what else??? Hmm…

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