Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aliyah @ 11 months

The cheeky Aliyah has been babbling a lot. We don't understand a word but she seems very happy talking to herself =) Has added a lot of "new words" to her vocabulary as well. Lately, she has started calling me "buu" again after calling me "Nini" all this while.Recently, she has been moving around in a new position. Her knees are off the ground and she uses her hands and feet to move. Just like Spiderman!

In terms of eating, she is beginning to be choosy. Don't really like porridge anymore, but prefers nestum & nasi! Berlagak macam orang tua la anak ibu ni! She also can stand on her own without support. At times, she would try to take a few steps forward but would topple down again. Not hurrying her to walk, let her take her own time.Understands when we say "no" to her although she would disobey sometimes. And i think she understands the words "arms up" and "clap".

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