Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I freaking LOVED Eclipse!

I went to see Eclipse last Saturday with my best friend Nana, and it was awesome! I really enjoyed it a lot and I think that it definitely lived up to my favorite of the Twilight series books.

Here's what I really liked about it:
# The proposal was so perfect, I had this silly smile on my face swooning all over Edward
# There was a lot more Edward
# The makeup and special effects were much better than the previous movies
# The fight scenes were epic!!!
# That scene between Alice and Jasper as they were practicing fighting was sooo sweet
# I loved watching the Cullens and the Quileutes teaming up to fight the newborns
# Riley was really cute (sorry I really had to say this lol)
# There was a lot of kissing between Bella and Edward. . . that scene in the bed, what can I say
# I loved to watch Rosalie and Jasper's story. . . Jasper, Jasper. . .damn he was looking hot in this movie, all bad boy and stuff!

Overall, Eclipse exceeded my expectations and I wish I already had the DVD to watch it again . . . :(

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