Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Love My Job But I Hate My Company!

Have any of you felt so frustrated at work that all you want to do is to just quit?! Throw in the towel..just walk out...just F*#k it and just...just...Q.U.I.T?!

But who am I kidding?! I don't have a rich husband who can afford to take care of the family single-handedly..My darling hubby is trying his best to earn money for the family, and it helps if I work too (not that we have a choice, living in KL and everything)

Sometimes I feel that I can do so much, and yet I don't have the avenue to channel all this thoughts and ideas to..sometimes I feel frustrated that I haven't had the recognition or reward that I think I duly deserve..

I like the thing I'm doing now..but then, I feel that there are so many things that can be improved and yet it is not done. And being me, this is the thing that I hate the most - If something can be done, but it not being done for some reason or another, I just can't take it.

With all this frustration, I might just go and 'perk' myself up with durian

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