Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My tiny Aliyah is 18 months

I don’t know when the exact moment came when I realized that Aliyah was growing up. Probably the first time was when I got rid of the diapers for good or the first time she wanted to walk without holding my hand. The matter was, Aliyah is growing up! A couple months ago, she started taking her first steps and I started crying. I couldn't believe it - it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. And now, she's walking on her own...going to the door to look outside and walking to get her own toys and snacks. I'm not ready for this! She's just a baby!

The sobering thought of no longer being needed or wanted crept into my stomach and mixed with pride to form something that no word has been created to describe. Luckily that same night my baby crawled into my bed wanting to be held in the kind of way only a mother can.

She's my little baby girl that, just 18 months ago, was laying in my arms completely helpless and drinking her bottle! She's becoming so independent and it's just such a horrible mix of emotions! It's amazing watching her learn something new everyday and grow and explore but at the same time I fear I will loose my little girl!! What if she gets to the point where she doesn't need her ibu anymore? I can't deal with that, she is my life and I can't imagine the day when I can't put her to bed anymore or carry her around on my hip.

I hear parents all the time saying how they need a break or are happy to be without their kid(s) for a little while. I understand how nice it is to get a break every now and then because you have to have 'me' time once in a while but here is a little advice for the ones who have or are about to have new babies(hik hik hik dreaming): Cherish every moment...time flies! You will miss all those sleepless nights. Keep tissues on will cry a lot - from sadness and from joy. Don't sweat the messes - if it makes the baby happy, it's worth it! Learn to be silly - a baby's laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world! Enjoy your 'me' time - but don't ever wish it wouldn't end. Live like there is no tomorrow and teach your child the same. Tell and show your baby you love her all the time! They won't be babies forever.

…. my tiny Aliyah is (most definitely and quickly) growing up.


pokcu said...

aliyah will always my cute little baby.. n u my dear will always my sweetheart.. no matter what happen....

Nini Best said...

thank you & thank you

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