Friday, February 11, 2011


I don't know if being grateful is easy when you have a lot. I would like to be able to find out some time. But I do know about being grateful when you don't have a lot. And, for me, it's pretty easy.

What I am grateful for:
  1. That for whatever luck of the draw, I was born Malaysian
  2. That I had a fantastic husband, father, and a mother who I know loves me.
  3. That I had a wonderful childhood. At least until my early teens.
  4. That I had sisters & brother
  5. That I was able to get an education.
  6. That for the most part, I have always been healthy. No cancer, mental illness or anything really awful.
  7. That I have learned how (and why) to forgive.
  8. That I didn't die before I got old.
  9. That my bills are (just) paid on time.
  10. That my daughter is healthy, happy, smart and a really sweet girl.
  11. That I get along with her dad.
  12. That he helps to support her.
  13. That I have a job.
  14. That I have a car (wreck though it might be).
  15. That I have food to eat and also to feed not only my girl, but the other strays who come along.
  16. That there is such a wonderful selection when it comes to food( I just love Tony Romas yummy!)
  17. That trees have leaves.
  18. That rain cleans everything.
  19. That grass smells wonderful when it's just been cut.
  20. That I wake up every morning to see one.
  21. That I have at least a few good friends - even if they are far, far away.
  22. That although I may some times be clueless, I am never helpless.
  23. That I know that I can fix whatever I need to fix
  24. That I am not afraid of hard work, but smart enough to avoid it sometimes.
  25. That I go to sleep every night in a warm, comfortable bed
  26. For every breath I take, AND
  27. Chances for being a TWIHARD!!!!!! 

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