Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Argan Oil and The Story

I am actually quite hesitant to write this here, coz it sounds like I'm advertising or something, which I am not. But I have never used a skincare product that works this well, and I thought it would be best to share it with people.

I have dry skin. I have rough dry bumps on my arms on which I have tried TONNES of products.
I also have acne-prone but dry skin on my face.

To cut a long story short, my hubby went to Mauritania for a business trip, and the locals there introduced him to Argan Oil, produced by Morocco women . I read up about it online and was quite shocked to see the rating reviews. So hubby bought one box of Argan Oil for me .

I tried it on my skin, and within DAYS my bumpy skin on my arms disappeared. I applied it to my face as moisturizer and my skin looks much better now. I have now started to try it on the fine lines below my eyes, and woohoo, I think its working! Best of all, it does not cause me to break-out.

It absorbs like a dream and doesn’t feel like normal oil at all coz it absorbs immediately and doesn’t feel oily. As of now, 80% of the bumpy skin on my arms have disappeared, and I have only used slightly less than one bottle.

So for those of you who have skin problems or those who wish to try a natural, effective way to a better complexion, you may want to consider this. I googled it, and Argan oil is very expensive outside of Morocco. It’s quite hard to find too. But InsyaAllah  I can help you girls. You can buy it from me cause as per today I still got a few bottles in my hand now. Otherwise Kiehls sells them too. There's Kiehls in Malaysia right? Or you can buy Argan oil online too, but make sure its from a reputable seller ya.
Some women spend hundreds of RM on expensive creams etc, but I think this one is much better   and cheaper!


Istiqaamah said...


Hi. I was wondering if the argan oil is still available for purchase?

Nini Best said...

Hi Istiqaamah,

thank you for dropping by. for time being it's out of stock. sorry

argan amazigh said...

Try argan amazigh at

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