Friday, February 24, 2012

My daughter is a supertasters!

The daily frustrations of getting your picky eaters to tolerate and eat "normal" foods and a greater variety can be absolutely overwhelming for both the parents and child.
Trust me, I know, because I am a mom of one!

I was a picky child and still am a picky adult, but I have expanded my likes. Someone recently suggested that picky eaters may actually be supertasters and have extra sensitive taste buds.It is an interesting theory.

I have faith that no matter how picky my daughter  now, she will not remain this way forever. I refuse to start a negative relationship with food by forcing strange foods on her. Occasionally she eat the same thing we do, and we heap praise on her  for trying something new.

Oh, the things we went through (and still do, to a certain extent... but it has gotten better), to get our little girl to eat normal, healthy, nutritional foods!

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