Sunday, April 1, 2012


Oh today it's 1st April. I wanna do sincere confession. Hey this is not April Fool okay. This is truly from my deepest heart. 

Confession time

This is hard for me to say.

Sigh. OK. Here it goes:

I’m Nini and I’m a shopaholic.

Among my friends, I’m like the ultimate bargain hunter. Everything I bought is like super cheap compared to how much others paid for the same item. I do like branded stuff but I'm not kinda a brand conscious punya orang.  I have an eye for bargain and I have my own list of holes to shop. Seriously, my relatives & my friends  hates me becasue I can wear those cheap things and still look put together and expensive. \o/

My sense of style? Not exactly your definition of a fashionista but I do have my own personal style.  Comfy chic, I called it.

But the thing is, I think I’m having this unhealthy tendency that I don’t think I have before. That I am a shopaholic.  Because to moi, a shopaholic is someone who splurges on expensive, branded stuffs. Me? I’m a fashionable cheapo. I’m no shopaholic or should I called it Shopaholicsaver? LOL

And clearance sale – that’s my other skills heel. Whenever I go to those sales, I will go back with at least one purchase. No matter how I convince myself that I’m not gonna buy anything. Don’t get me starting with my thrift shop trips. Yes, they are cheap. But how many actually I will wear. I keep buying and buying.

Lately, I began to realize that I have too much crap and  I’m spinning out of control. I shop online all the time. And whenever I’m free, I buy things online. In my defense, I compared prices before I buy. Sometimes, it’s up to three online purchases a week. The postman know me by name already. Sigh

My bedroom is full of things I can't let go of yet don't even use. Clothes, scarves, shawls, shoes, bags, jewelleries , makeup... the list is endless. They just sit there collecting dust or taking up space. I have a wardrobe full of scarves (maybe 200+ scarves) and yet I seem to rotate between the same fifteen or so hijabs. Same with clothes . I think I have about  more than 200 clothes and seem to wear the same  fifteen over and over again.My Mom keep saying that I will forget that I even bought all my purchases. Oh, when she was doing some cleaning, she had the biggest plastic bag and inside it are all my shoes or clothes that I might have worn once or twice.Last week I actually semi went through them and now have three large black garbage bags of clothing and scarves that I am forcing myself to go through.

I need to clear it all out! So instead of being a hoarder I am going to try and be a minimalist and only keep the stuff I know I will actually use. It's just annoying because I can give them away for free which will solve my problem, but then I remember all the money I spent (and have now wasted) and start to feel guilty about wasting hard earned RM.

I decide  to create one blogshop to sell all my stuff. Help me clear my wardrobe please :) Need to sell my stuff because my wardrobe is running out of space :D

So please do drop to my blogshop ya.  Do let me know if you wanna buy anything


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